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The KeepPower IMR18350 1200mAh High Discharge Flat Top is made with IMR cells instead of standard Li-Ion batteries.

IMR cells are a specialized Li-Mn (Lithium Manganese) chemistry specifically designed for high-drain applications. While they excel at delivering massive discharge rates, their capacity is much more limited than a Li-Ion of the same size.

The KeepPower 18350 is the highest capacity IMR battery in this size, but it will only deliver 35 minutes of run-time on the highest power setting in a PLH, or OKW light. These cells are for use in 18350 bodies ONLY. Do not use two of these cells in an 18650 body the voltage will be too high and could cause damage or failure of Modlite and also Surefire light heads.

  • Nominal Capacity: 3500 mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Discharge End Voltage: 2.5V
  • Max. Continuous Discharging Current: 10A
  • 68.90mm (L) x 18.60 mm (D)
  • Protection Circuit (Over charge, over discharge, over current, and short-circuit)

Cells come from KeepPower come in a package with two cells and a plastic storage case.
This is the cell Modlite recommends for the PLH and OKW light heads. This cell will also work with the Surefire® M600DF and Streamlight HL-X lights for optimum performance.

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Battery: Lithium

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Battery: Lithium