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Built for Scorching-Hot Suppressors

Anyone who owns a firearm suppressor can attest to how hot they can get after just a few rounds of sustained fire. Avoid the frustration of waiting around for your can to cool and grab the Torch Wear Silencer Cover, which is designed to allow for immediate handling and storage.

The Torch Wear Silencer Cover can handle the extreme heat produced by suppressors, thanks to a unique textile construction made from carbon fiber. With this design, users can simply leave their cover fastened to the suppressor while firing and be confident that it'll stay secured and won't shift the gun's point of impact.

  • Black finish
  • Designed for suppressors measuring up to 8.5 inches
  • Made in the USA

Each Torch Wear Silencer Cover is equipped with an adjustable cord that allows users to attach the cover to a suppressor or keep a stored suppressor wrapped up and secured.

Mirage Mitigator: This product is designed and intended specifically to mitigate the negative effects of mirage from the hot silencer in front of a magnified optic. It works extremely well for this purpose. It is not designed or intended for full-auto use or “mag dumps.”  User assumes any and all risks to him/herself and/or equipment if using this product for other than the intended purpose.

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Color: Black