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Keep Your Red-Hot Firearm Secured

Tired of waiting around at the range for your gun's barrel to cool down before stashing it in a transport case? The Torch Wear Hot Bag is purpose-built to provide firearm owners with a secure storage and transport bag that stands up to the scorching temperatures produced by high volumes of fire.

The Torch Wear Hot Bag accomplishes this task, thanks to a revolutionary textile weave made from carbon fiber, which stands up to even the hottest suppressors and gun barrels. This ensures that users can immediately transport their suppressors and compact firearms without worrying about damage.

  • Black finish
  • Measures 12 inches long with a 4-inch opening
  • Made in the USA

The Torch Wear Hot Bag closes easily with an included drawstring, securing the contents of the bag.

4 X12  HOT BAG
4"X12" Hot Bag


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Color: Black