Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Select-Fire Safety Selector Designed for the M16 and M4

Professionals who use M16s and M4s in their daily lives absolutely count on the dependable design of a selector switch in their duty rifles, and the Arms Unlimited Ambidextrous Safety Selector is purpose-built to be an effortless enhancement on these select-fire rifles. The selector switch is designed specifically so professional users can easily throw their rifles into that third selector setting with ease, a feature not found on many safety selectors designed for semi-automatic AR-15s.

Each Arms Unlimited Ambidextrous Safety Selector is machined from 4140 alloy steel, which is heat-treated and features oversized levers on both sides of the lower receiver that provides trouble-free operation when using either hand. The oversized levers ensure that users with gloved hands or those operating in the dark will be able to quickly and easily manipulate the lever. Deep, machined grooves also ensure a tactile surface that can be actuated, even when operated in wet environments.


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