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Aimpoint s Compact, Versatile Red Dot Adapted for Shotgun Use

The Micro S-1 is Aimpoint’s adaptation of the popular Micro red dot sight specifically for mounting on shotguns. Its innovative carbon fiber reinforced mounting system adds the bare minimum of additional weight, so it won’t upset the balance of your shotgun. And it positions the Micro S-1 at the lowest possible optical axis to align it naturally with the bore of the gun and keep in line with the traditional shotgun sighting stance of looking down the top of the barrel.

Aimpoint designed the Micro S-1 to give hunters and sporting clay shooters course a big boost in hit percentages, and its compact, low profile makes it an excellent enhancement for shotgun hunters, too. The big, bright 6 MOA red dot provides an optimal combination of target acquisition speed and visibility - without obscuring the target at longer distances. This sight incorporates many of the design advances Aimpoint has learned over 20 years of service with the U.S. military, so reliability in the field is unmatched.

  • Versatile optic for all shotgun applications
  • Includes extra-bright maximum dot intensity settings for bright sky conditions
  • Fits ribs .24" to .47" wide x .05" x .14" thick
  • Lightweight, compact and fully enclosed protective housing
  • Full zeroing capability lets you customize the point of impact

The Micro S-1 sight attaches directly to the shotgun at any point along the ventilated rib, and Aimpoint includes interchangeable adapter plates to help you adjust it for a snug, non-slip fit to almost all of the popular shotgun rib sizes. So, yes, your shotgun DOES have to have a rib in order for you to install the Micro S-1 on it.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:276


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Reticle: 6 MOA Dot

Battery Life: 50000 hours

Brightness Settings: 12 settings

Click Value: 1/2 MOA

Night Vision Compatible: No

Power Supply: (1) CR 2032 Lithium battery, ...

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