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Drop-In Upgrade Gives Smoother, Lighter Pull & Cleaner Break

Apex Tactical's Action Enhancement Kit for Gen5 Glock® pistols lightens the trigger pull by approximately 1 lb., while also giving you a smoother, shorter pull, followed by a clean, decisive break. It reduces over-travel significantly, too, for speedier reset and faster follow-up shots.

Apex has made the Action Enhancement Kit for Gen5 Glock® a direct, drop-in replacement for the factory trigger, trigger bar, and connector. It consists of Apex’s Action Enhancement Trigger, Gen5 Trigger Bar, and Apex Performance Connector. The center-mounted trigger has a pivoting safety tab that preserves proper function of gun’s trigger safety.

  • Drop-in installation - easily remove kit & reinstall the original parts any time
  • Fits Glock® Gen5 model 17, 19, 22 & 23 pistols ONLY
  • Trigger bar is included
  • Also available: the a trigger/trigger bar assembly alone, without enhanced connector - sold separately

While the factory trigger is plastic, the Apex Action Enhancement Kit for Gen5 Glock® has a trigger made entirely of robust, long-wearing machined aluminum for added stability. It’s an excellent upgrade for any shooter who wants a smoother, lighter, more precise trigger on his Glock®.

Brownells Gun Tech™ Warning: The Apex Action Enhancement Kit for Gen5 Glock® will NOT function in Gen3 or Gen4 Glock pistols. The design of the trigger and trigger bar is different on Gen5 guns. Brownells also offers Apex action enhancement kits and triggers for Gen3 and Gen4 pistols.

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Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:233


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