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The Real Avid AR15 X-Frame Tool is designed to give AR15 rifle owners every tool and cleaning implement they need to effectively provide maintenance on their rifles.

The Real Avid AR15 X-Frame Tool is equipped with G-10 grips that provide a solid gripping surface, even for hands covered in oil or gun cleaner. The tool features scraping surfaces that remove carbon from the bolt carrier group, as well as all of the other devices needed to perform basic maintenance on any AR15.

  • Features needle-nose pliers, carbide cutter and glass-breaker, cotter-pin puller, bolt override tool
  • Features scraper for removing carbon from 12 different surfaces
  • Includes A1 and A2 front-sight adjustment tool
  • Features 12-bit driver, hammer, file and 3.25-inch Tanto knife

The Real Avid AR15 X-Frame Tool is coated with a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish and comes with a MOLLE compatible sheath.


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AR-15 Tool

Mfr Part: AVAR15TB

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