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"Providing innovation to the individual in the shortest time."

- Magpul Mission Statement

Magpul Industries began with one product: a simple rubber pull tab that helps MIL/LE and competition shooters extract AR-15 mags from a mag pouch. From this, a line of over 200 innovative products has been developed. From the iconic PMAG® which has been adopted by several branches of the U.S. Military, to MOE™ rifle and shotgun furniture, an array of ergonomically advanced AR-15 buttstocks, MBUS® sights, and the M-LOK® accessory mounting system, it’s easy to understand why Magpul is regarded as the industry standard. Bringing that same innovation and reliability to even more firearm platforms, Magpul's line now includes innovative gear for the AK-47, Remington 700, Ruger American, Ruger® 10/22®, Glock® and 1911 pistols.

Magpul COMMS: Magpul Line Of Accessories For H&K MP5®

In recent years, semi-auto pistol, HK94 carbine, and even SBR variants have become popular in the U.S. Despite its ruggedness and the solidity of its German engineering, the MP5's ergonomics could be improved. And that's exactly what Magpul did with their new line of MP5 upgrade components.

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